Provideam v4.4 Released

January 10, 2014

We are delighted to announce the release of Provideam v4.4. In this release we introduce the Provideam Realtime Interface.

The RealtimeIF has been designed as a standalone, touchscreen style, data entry user interface. It can be used as an alternative to a HMI interface and can be run from a Desktop PC, a Thin-client PC or a Pad.

RealtimeIF Features 

  • Touchscreen. The RealtimeIF has been designed for use with any Pad device running Windows, Android or Apple device with a modern Web Browser. The interface uses large pushbutton controls which are easy for the operator to use. The interface automatically scales to the dimensions of the host screen.
  • Realtime. The RealtimeIF monitors Machine status in real-time. Changes in Mode, Part, Tool etc. are updated in seconds.
  • Data Display. The Administrator can configure the device to display Mode Data, Shift Data, Lot Data and Count Data. The display can be configure to display the current values as well as a number of the most recent historical values for each data type. For example it is possible to show the last 5 Lots.
  • Data Edits. Where data is incorrect or needs to be manually adjusted the Operator selects the appropriate record and then corrects the data from the pre-defined list of options.
  • ‘Not Loggeds’. A warning can be configured to pop-up if there have been downtimes which have not been assigned (or no reason has been logged). By clicking on the warning pop-up the Operator can see the unassigned downtimes and can assign appropriate downtime reasons from the pre-defined list via a pushbutton interface.

For more details contact us at [email protected], or explore the Provideam User Guide available from the website.

January 10, 2014
Paul Mitchell