Provideam v4.3 Released

January 15, 2013

We are delighted to announce the release of Provideam v4.3. This new release incorporates many powerful features to help simplify the capture and analysis of OEE/Productivity Data.

Since our last post some of the features we’ve added include;

User Features

  • Multiple User Groups.
    Users can be members of multiple User Groups. The User Admin Section of Provideam has been completely rewritten. It is now possible to assign a User to more than one User Group. In this way the User assumes the ‘rights’ of each of the assigned Groups. This helps to manage the security rights more efficiently.
  • Contact Lists.
    Contact Lists to better manage Provideams ability to send alarms and reports. Email Reports or Alarm Announcements can now be sent to a Contact List. This helps to simplify the management of email, SMS and paged messaging from Provideam. It is now only necessary to update the Contact Group if there is a change of personnel, rather than each report as would have been the case in the past.
  • Multiple Contact per User.
    User can have multiple contact details. For example it is possible for a User to now have several email addresses. Thus it is possible to include both a work and external email address.
  • Complex Passwords.
    A new option has been provided to enforce complex passwords. If this option is set the User must use a password with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Start Page.
    Set Start Page for Each User Group. It is now possible to configure as part of the User Group the default Start Page for the associated Users. Thus when those Users assigned to that User Group log in, they are directed to this default Start Page.

Event Monitoring / Alarming

  • In-built Alarm Events – OPC Quality Alarm / Service Stop Alarms.
    Provideam now has the ability to inform you if the OPC Quality is Bad (ie PLC Comms. Issue) or if one of the Data Collection Services has stopped running.
  • Improved Event Report Charts.
    We have updated the Event Report Charts so that there is line continuity from the start to the end of the chart period. Up to now there have been breaks in the plotted line. In addition the resolution of the Event Charts has been improved. Up to now, no more than 520 points were drawn for each line. The resolution has been increased to 4000 points. Thus enhancing the zoom-in experience.

OEE Monitoring

  • Analysis Type.
    Choose your analysis type (application default / area setting). Not every client adopts the OEE Model of analysing Machine Productivity. We now provide the option to set the data analysis type to either OEE or Simple Downtime. In simple Downtime, Defects are not considered to be time losses.
  • Plan Adherence Plug-in.
    Re-introduction of Plan Adherence Plug-in. The Plan Adherence Plug-in is an extension of the OEE Monitoring Module which allows you to compare Planned Production with Actual Production. The plug-in generates Gantt Charts which show the sequence of production plans (completed, in-production and pending) and maps when the pending plans are likely to be completed.
  • ChangeOverStop_NoLotChange Mode Type.
    A new Mode Type has been added. This Mode Type is a ChangeOverStop. Unlike other ChangeOver Modes it does not cause a new set of Production Records to be created. It is just treated as a normal Stop Mode – except that it is not affected by the ShortStop functions.
  • Operator Productivity and Standard Operator Productivity functions.
    Five new functions have been added to monitor Operator Productivity. These functions allow you to calculate the number of Parts produced per operator per hour. The Standard Operator Function is calculated for the Standard Number of Operators defined per Part per Machine. The Operator Function is calculated for the Actual Number of Operators entered by the user, Shift by Shift.
  • Batch FlexFields.
    Twenty new flexible fields have been added to allow you to record and report on other parameters for your machines. The names of these fields can be modified in the dictionary to your requirements. Thus you could, for example, track several parameters related to material used in production.
  • Selection of Chart Resolutions.
    It is now possible to define the resolution of the chart used in Reports. Thus you can maximise the size of the chart to suit the pre-dominant screen resolution in your environment.
  • Dashboard > Current Shift Records only option.
    A new checkbox option has been added to the OEE Monitoring Dashboard to restrict the Dashboard display to show only the current shift records.
  • Manual Entry of Yield Values for Automatic Machines.
    Manual Entry of Yield (and Station Count) Values is now possible for Automatic Machines. Thus it is possible to append manually captured yield data to automatically generated downtime data.
  • Mode/Yield Resolution for Manual Machines.
    We have now added the ability to select between Hour(the current option) and Shift resolution for Manual Entry Machines. By selecting Shift Resolution you are capturing only one record per shift, instead of the Hourly records as has been the case up to now.
  • Limitation of Mode and Yield selections to Active Values.
    We have now limited the Mode Selection on the Dashboard and in the Manual Entry pages to ‘Active’ Modes. Thus you can limit what is possible for the Data Entry Operator to select. The Provideam OEE Monitoring Service will still record all Modes, whether ‘Active’ or not.


Over the next few weeks we will add more information relating to these new features. In the meantime you can see many of the features in the updated video section of this website.

January 15, 2013
Paul Mitchell