Provideam v4.17 Released

September 18, 2020

We are delighted to announce the release of Provideam v4.17. In this release we introduce three new applications as well as a new secure method of remote data capture.


The OnePageDashboard displays the important KPIs to drive performance on your assets. We have included a great deal of configurability to  allow you to customise the Dashboard to suit your requirements.



See our youtube video on the OnePageDashboard for more details.



The OEEBoard allows the user to analyse the Performance of an Area over the last 30 days.



See our youtube video on the OEEBoard for more details.



The new RealtimeIF is designed to work much better with Pads and mobile devices.

RealtimeIF - Pad



RealtimeIF - Mobile


See our youtube video on the RealtimeIF for more details.



The ProvEdgeBox is an intelligent sensor unit which combines a simple PNP Photo Electric Sensor with an IOT Communications module. It is intended that the Photo Electric Sensor be mounted on the Production Line in a location where Good Parts can be counted. The ProvEdgeBox communicates to Provideam over the internet and reports the live Production Count and the current state of the Line - Running/Stopped.

When used in conjunction with the Provideam RealtimeIF this is an effective method of data capture with minimal impact on the Production Line.

ProvEdge Box


See the Provideam User Guide for more details on the ProvEdgeBox.


September 18, 2020
Paul Mitchell