Provideam v3.8 Released

February 3, 2010

Provideam version 3.8 has now been released. Release 3.8 introduces some new yield functions (Target and % Target) and also some mode functions (Idle Downtime and Takt Cycle Time).

In addition a new live display has been added to the real-time dashboard. This new display presents a number of key graphs highlighting performance versus target.

Last but not least the Dictionary Module user interface has been enhanced to include the ability to export and import dictionaries to CSV. This will help to significantly improve the speed at which dictionaries can be developed and updated.

AndOn Live DisplayNew FeatureNew Current Status Live Display. The AndOn Live Display presents a variety of useful performance indicators in tabular and graphical format. Colour is used to indicate when performance does not meet required levels.
Target Rate FunctionalityEnhancementFunctionality to enter and report on yield versus targets has now been included. The user may enter a required Target Rate (number of parts required per second for each machine). Functions to calculate the performance versus target can be included in both real-time and historical reports.
Idle Time and Takt Time Report FunctionsEnhancementA new Downtime Mode Type, ‘Idle’ time, has been created. This Mode can be used to indicate a machine is stopped but that the reason is not an internal machine problem. For example a machine in a Line awaiting parts from an upstream machine. A new function TaktTime allows the user to calculate the CycleTime excluding all Idle time.
Dictionary CSV Import/ExportEnhancementCSV Import and Export functionality has been added to the Dictionary Module. This helps to greatly speed up the creation of customised dictionaries. It is now possible to export the values from an existing dictionary, to edit them off-line in Excel and then to import them in a new dictionary or overwrite an existing dictionary.

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February 3, 2010
Paul Mitchell