Provideam v3.7 Released

October 27, 2009

We are delighted to announce the release of Provideam v3.7. This new release of Provideam OEE Software includes Windows 7 support. We are also giving the end user greater choice in selecting which OPC server product they wish to use with Provideam.

Drilldown capabilities have now been added to the OEE Reporting interface. Users can now drilldown on an OEE Loss report to determine when the losses occurred.

Release 3.7 includes a web service interface. This new feature enables an integrator to include datasets generated by Provideam in any 3rd party application which supports web services – for example VBA used in many SCADA packages supports web services.

The web service interface is completely flexible and the integrator can query the data any way they choose – so if the user wants a customised dashboard, it is now possible to integrate OEE functionality as a component of the dashboard. This technology is applicable to any 3rd party application – SCADA/HMI/MES/ERP etc. Note also that web services are independent of the operating system so Provideam OEE data is available to applications running on practically any platform. Follow the links to see some screenshots for test applications we developed using the SCADA applications Progea Movicon 11 and Intellution iFix 3.5.

Windows 7 supportNew FeatureProvideam now supports Microsoft’s new Operating System Windows 7.
Provideam Demo Support for Kepware’s KepServerEx V4/V5 and Software Toolbox’s TopServerEnhancementThe Provideam Demo application now supports Kepware’s KepServerEx version 4 and 5 as well as Software Toolbox’s TopServer version 4 and 5.
OEE Loss Analysis Reports DrilldownEnhancementThe Drilldown feature recently introduced to the Dashboard has now been implemented on the OEE Loss Analysis Report. This enables the user to drilldown from a high level Loss Report to determine when particular losses actually occurred.
Web Service Interface to OEE DataNew FeatureProvideam now makes available OEE data via web services. This enables integrators/developers to integrate Provideam data into 3rd party applications such as SCADA/HMI/MES/ERP/EXCEL. Any report or view supported by the Provideam Application can be replicated and customised in a 3rd party application.
Movicon SCADA Example 1
Movicon SCADA Example 2
iFix SCADA Example

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October 27, 2009
Paul Mitchell