Provideam v3.11 Released

September 29, 2010

We are very excited to announce the release of version 3.11 of the Provideam OEE Monitoring Solution. There are a number of significant enhancements in version 3 which will no doubt be very beneficial to our customers; 

  1.  Installer / Updater
    The most radical change has been to re-engineering the Provideam Installer. Provideam is an enterprise level application and as such draws on a number of third party applications including a database server, an OPC server etc.  In the past the Provideam installer relied on the end user to install these third party applications independently. To significantly reduce the complexity of the install process these applications have now been included in the installer and will be installed automatically. In addition the uninstall process has been modified. To guard against inadvertent data loss the previous version of the installer did not remove the database. This will no longer be the case. The uninstaller will now completely remove Provideam from the server.
  2. Downtime Configuration
    Provideam installs as an OEE application by default. However a number of customers prefer a simpler Downtime Analysis which does not convert Good and Defect Counts to time values. An option is now available to re-configure Provideam as a Production Downtime Monitoring Solution.
  3. Dashboard (Overall Data Table) View Management
    A new Dashboard View Management Tool has been incorporated in the Area Admin section which allows the Provideam Administrator to configure a selection of views for each Area.
  4. Station Yield View Management
    As well as configurable Dashboard Views, configurable Station Yield Views is also a feature of ProvideamV3.11. Several Station Yield Views can be configured for each Machine. The Station Yield View Management interface is included in the Machine Admin section of Provideam.
  5. Live Display to include AndOn view
    The AndOn Display which was recently introduced into the OEE Dashboard Current Status page can now also be included in the Provideam Live Real-time Status View.
  6. OEE Monitoring Module to support Manual OPC Tag Creation
    Traditionally, the Provideam OEE Monitoring and Event Monitoring Module only supported OPC Servers which allowed the client application to enumerate pre-configured tags. This prevented Provideam from working with a number of industry recognised OPC Servers. It is now possible to chose to enumerate an OPC Tag or to manual create the Tag. The ‘OPC Enum’ function will enumerate pre-configured OPC Tags, where as the ‘OPC Manual’ function will allow the configurator to manually enter OPC Tags which will be added to the OPC server at run-time.

To check if you are currently a ‘Supported User’ please contact [email protected]

September 29, 2010
Paul Mitchell