Provideam v4.8 in production

Provideam v4.8 is currently at an advanced stage of development. This version will see the introduction of some really exciting new features. We anticipate a full release by the end of January 2015.

In the OEE Report Wizard we will add the ability for a user to customize report column properties. For example it will soon be possible to set, on a column by column basis, the number of decimal places, the background color, and whether or not the column is visible.

In addition we will, for the first time, add the possibility of including customized, scripted, functions in the OEE Reports. For example we will include the ability to create a function such as fnNew = ((Planned Downtime) * 2) / (Total Time). It will then be possible to apply customized formatting to this function column as described in the previous paragraph.

Last but not least we will add the ability to include some additional fields in the report tables. Users have requested that we allow object descriptions in our report tables. We are now pleased to announce that this functionality is nearly ready. For example we will soon allow the User to add the “Machine Description” as well as the “Machine Name” in a report table. Other columns which will soon be available include, “Part Description”, “Operator Description”, “Tool Description” and “Shift Description”

If you have any queries on this announcement, please, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]