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Provideam V4.1 Update

October 11th, 2011 No comments

Provideam V4.1 is currently in Beta Testing and is due to be released in early November 2011. Below are some of the updates and enhancements we have packed in to this release. Please contact DTL if you would like to schedule an early update to V4.1.

Look and Feel

  • Standardised Look and Feel of User Interface
  • Added Ability to resize screen areas
  • Added more data to overall configuration tables. Administrator can now see more data without having to drill down.
  • Added sorting and filtering to configuration tables
  • Improved the CSV Import/Export facility for configuration data.

New Features

  • Added ability to link OEE Live view to external urls (eg.
  • Added ability to link OEE Live view to 3rd party html pages. These pages may be linked to Provideam or may be related to other issues such as personnel messages.
  • Added Contact Lists for Scheduled Reporting and Alarming. The Administrator can now create lists of users Email, Pager or Mobile(Cell) contacts. These contact lists can then be used for
  • alarm annunciation or for scheduled reporting.
  • Added a visual Alarm Status Indicated to the Active Alarms Page of the Event Monitoring Application
  • Added an automatic refresh option to the Current Status and Active Alarms Page of the Event Monitoring Application


The User Security Model has been updated to facilitate more straightforward integration with Active Directory. Users are now created independently from User Groups. User Groups still control access rights but now a User can be a member of several User Groups. If the User is a member of more than one User Group then the User takes the combined rights of both User Groups.
In addition the User contact details have been upgraded. It is now possible to assign several  (or none) Email/Mobile(Cell)/Pager contacts to each User. If the User contact details are modified, the details in the Contact Lists will also be updated – thus simplifying greatly the management of scheduled emailing and alarm annunciation.
Modified the Installer so that the Provideam Database is installed without Demo Data. It is now an install option to install Demo Data.

Operating Environment and 3rd Party Applications

IE 9 and Firefox 6 Support
Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Support
MS SQL 2008 support
dotNet 4 Native Application (SQL 2005 requires dotNet 2 and SQL 2008 requires dotNet 3.5)