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Scheduled Provideam OEE Service Pack available mid-July 2009

May 28th, 2009 No comments

Provideam Clients who have purchased the Provideam Maintenance Support Plan will be in-line to receive Service Pack 3.6 which is due for release mid-July 2009.

Updating your Provideam installation to the latest release helps to protect your Provideam investment and ensures that the product will continue to run even when operating systems and browsers are upgraded.

Supported users will be notified of new releases as soon as they become available.

Service Pack 3.6 (Due mid-July 2009) 

Item Type Description
Manual Data Entry New Feature It is not always cost-effective or practical to collect production data automatically. In Service Pack 3.6 we will include functionality to enable you to enter production data manually.
Planning Module (Beta) New Feature We will also be releasing a Beta version of the new Provideam Planning Module. The Planning Module will enable you to enter production schedules and then link the schedule data to the production on your machines.
Thus you will be able to report on production performance against your production plans. Provideam will provide Gantt chart analysis to show when production is planned to start on various work orders. The Gantt charts will forewarn you of machines where the planned start dates will not be met due to machine underperformance.
Fwd/Back Button on Report Enhancement A Forward and Back Button will be provided on Provideam Reports to allow you to quickly and easily navigate to the previous or next report period.
Drilldown on Dashboard Enhancement We will begin to introduce Drilldown features on the Dashboard. In this first phase you will be able to drill down through data on the OEE Analysis Pane to determine when downtime actually occurred.
Period Exclusion New Feature You will now be able to exclude specific shifts from your reports. If you generate a week report and you wish to exclude the Sunday night shift – you will now be able to do this.
Chart Legend Characters Bug Fixes Graph Legends did not accept the comma character. This has now been fixed.
7Day Period Enhancement A new report period has been included in the Report Wizard. It will now be possible to generate reports for a defined 7 day period, and to schedule these reports for automatic email delivery.

To check if you are currently a ‘Supported User’ please contact [email protected]

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